Blanket Donation – 2020 underway!

Sew Much More is MORE than just a locally owned promotional product company. We take an active part in our community and look for ways to give back to those around us.  Continue reading below to see more information about our donation events that we sponsor. 

Blanket Donation Drive – This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to our senior citizens that have served us so well in their youth.  As we do a lot of sewing and stitching during the course of the year we accumulate a lot of excess material in odd sizes, shapes and colors.  We found a great way to use this scrape material is to create smaller size blankets for our senior citizens in wheel chairs.  We combine our excess material with our stitching skills and equipment and create smaller “Lap Blankets” that are ideal for Senior Citizens. 

During this time, we would like your help if you have any ‘gently used’ blankets or material that we can use to make more blankets.  Take a look a look below and see if you can add to our blankets!

What is it?

Older citizens that are in nursing homes often find it chilly in the winter months. A full blanket is sometimes too large and bulky when they are in their wheelchair. They will drag along the ground and get stuck in the wheels. A smaller blanket for this purpose is much nicer for them.

What is Sew Much More doing?

SMM will take our overstock materials from wedding, gift and baby blankets that we have created in the past and then cut and stitch these together to make smaller lap blankets.

Where will these go?

These will be going to a local skilled nursing facility. In the past we donated to Canonsburg Hospital as well as another skilled nursing facility.
Sew Much More Blanket Donation

How can you help?

Do you have baby blankets or gently used blankets, large or small that we can cut and stitch together? Email us or drop us a line below if you can drop off some materials for us to stitch together.

Tell us about the item(s) you can donate
Give us an idea of when you can drop the items off so we can keep a look out for you