The New Norm?

Ok, so we have all come to know the new term “Social Distancing” and we are all actively practicing this new method during this unprecedented quarantine. We expect that at some point life will go back to normal, although that might be a New Norm, who is to say??

One thing we have all seen in this “New Norm” is that many businesses are looking to modify their normal patterns and create ways to continue living and working despite the conditions. Count us in that category…

We just introduced a new method to help you place orders with us that maintain your ‘social distance’, but has the added benefit of ensuring all of your details are accurate and accounted for.

For your next order or quote, please start using our new web based form located here. After you fill out your details, they will hit our inbox and we will review and call you quickly to finalize details and answer any questions before moving ahead. This new form will ensure we get all your details just right!