New Masks available

We have lots of cool masks to offer. As we have all of the right equipment for creating custom t-shirts, including design and production all in house, we figured we would turn our custom capabilities towards creating some cool and stylish masks. Naturally we looked to several of our customers and friends to see what they would like and so we came up with lots of cool designs.

We are happy to provide so many cool alternatives to the standard issue hospital grade mask. These masks are designed to provide ample protection, but with a little more STYLE!

Also, if you need a large batch of CUSTOMIZED masks, that is our specialty as you know. We can customize masks based on your color and style preference. We can also do custom printing on that mask. Check out the special mask we made just for South Fayette.

Custom made mask just for South Fayette. We can customize many masks just for you!

So be sure to contact us if you would like a special batch of masks just for your organization, event, or workplace! Add some style to your “New Normal Wardrobe“!