Sew Much More Fundraising

Fundraising The Easy Way

Attention Booster Organizations, Team Moms, PTA/PTO, Non-Profits, and Sew Much More…
Our Web Stores are an awesome way to promote spirit and fundraise for a team, special group or event. We work with you to:

  • Ensure quality selections appeal to your audience
  • Add a personalizing option for apparel
  • Organize, package, and quality check each individual order
  • At the end, we hand you a check for a portion of the sales.

Advantages we offer:

  • Sample Program – This program ensures your members get the right size. We want to make sure everyone gets the correct size and this can be difficult and we know it! Click here for details on our Sample Program.
  • Web Stores – this can take a huge burden off you! We setup a web store that contains all of your products. You publish a link to your members and they log into our site and place their order. This saves you time creating a form, collecting a form, collecting money and organizing the order and submitting it to us. We take all the orders, tally the products, supply the final orders to your sorted and then provide you with a check! How easy is that? Check out our current web stores here.
  • No art work? No designer available? Let us help you with that. We have loads of designs and can assist and get you ready quickly with a design that is custom and unique for your needs. Let our team assist you in the design process.

Check out some of the advantages that we offer: 

 Are you getting these additional custom services now?  If not, give us a call and a team member will go over the details and options that would work best for you.