Masks might be a “new item” that we are now using on a daily basis, but we are well prepared to help you through this phase as these items are similar to what we have been doing for years.

Just like our custom t-shirts, hoodies and hats, we have plenty of suppliers that can provide many styles, colors and of course you have us for the custom mask decorations to fit your organization or work needs. See our mask categories below.

Custom Masks

Let us know what color, style and what you need to display on your mask and we can make it happen. Custom quantity discounts start at 12 or more masks. We will customize based on all your needs including:

  • What color? – lots of colors available, let us match your brand
  • What size? See below for sizing chart
  • What style? – light weight breathable? 2 ply?

Fill out this form to start the order process, or just call us!

Masks for Fundraising?

Similar to our fundraising program for hats, t-shirts, hoodies, we can create a custom mask for your organization and then take care of creating a website for you to direct your members, they can pay online and then we can mark each order and provide you with an easy distribution for the whole order. Then we hand over a check for your percentage. What could be better than a custom mask as some money for your organization.

Fill out this form to start the order process, or just call us!

Need a single mask?

We have lots of custom styles to make your look distinctive! Check our our online store here and select a mask and order online and have it shipped. Check out our store here.

Mask Sizing Chart

To ensure a safe fit, we offer many sizes when ordering quantities.

  • Youth Small/Medium
  • Youth Large/Extra Large
  • Adult Small/Medium
  • Adult Large/Extra Large
  • See our sizing chart below