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If you have a lot of details about your project, this can help provide you with a more accurate quote. Help us get you a better quote by filling out the following details.

Tell us about your project

Tell us how many images you will need printed on this shirt
The quality of shirts can vary a lot, select what you think is best for the purpose of your project. Check our blog for more info about shirt materials available
This is how many colors will be used to print. This is a total of all colors to be used including front/back/sleeve
If your project allows for our name and logo to be included in back of your shirt, you are able to get reduced rate as we would be considered a sponsor for your effort. Call us for more details
For an additional expense we can tag and bag your orders by individual sales person that sold each shirt. This makes distributing your order a lot easier!
We offer web shops in which you can point your users to our website and they can place an order directly on our website and leave all that work to us, including payment.
Save cost by picking these up at our location. Or for an additional expense we can delivery or mail this order to you.
We will need these in our hands to be distributed by?
Artwork needs to be in EPS format. If you can not provide artwork in ESP format, we can assist just let us know. In some cases you have no artwork, just ideas. We can help with that
I have artwork and have attached it here
Tell us more details that will help